• batman arkham origins

    Batman Arkham Origins

    Lead Artist for the cinematic of the new Batman game from Warne Bros Games Montreal. I had to lead a team of 6 persons creating... read more

  • Carlo Ivo Alimo Bianchi Crysis 3 Logo

    Crysis 3

    Working for MetricMinds to create a cinematic for Crysis 3 with CryEngine3 technology inside Crytek.

  • Hitman Absolution Carlovfx

    Hitman Absolution

    I worked on Hitman Absoluton in IO Interactive, a Square Enix Studio, as Senior Lighting Artist. There are plenty of screenshots... read more

  • Driver San Francisco Chase

    Driver San Francisco

    What can i Say about Driver San Francisco: it was one of the most enjoyable games i have ever worked on. Ubisoft Reflections is a... read more

  • The dodo is happy

    5 Alive Dancing Dodo

    This 5 Alive commercial became very popular right after it went on TV, i worked on this project while working in Passion Pictures...

  • Planet 51 house of Lem

    Planet 51

    Planet 51 is a movie I worked on in 2008, the company was located in Madrid, Spain, and my role was Senior Lighting and... read more

  • Wardevil


    Wardevil was at the beginning a PS3 exclusive, then it became a Xbox360 game as well. I worked for Digi Guys as CG Generalist... read more