Biographical data

Birth date: December, 25th, 1981.
Place of birth: Lagarto (Brazil).
Citizenship: Italian and Brazilian.


2004 Master Degree in Videogame Design, European Institute of Design (Rome).
2002Diploma of Multimedia Systems Engineer, Quasar Institute (Rome).
2001 Diploma of Multimedia Systems Technic, Quasar Institute (Rome).
2000 Diploma of Classic Maturity, Massimiliano Massimo Institute (Rome) - degree programme based on humanistic classical disciplines, focusing on studies about ancient Greek, Latin and Art.

Professional Activities

Sept2013 - Now  CEO/Creative Director Storm In a Teacup SRL.


Feb2013 – May 2013 Lead Artist in MetricMinds on Batman Arkham Origins.


Jan2013 – Jan2013 Senior Lighting Artist in MetricMinds working in Crytek on the CryEngine3 on a commercial for Crysis 3. Importing assets and animations from Maya, set dressing the scenes, lighting and rendering with multi-pass.


Oct2011 – April 2012 Senior Lighting and Compositing Artist in Square Enix - IO Interactive, on Hitman Absolution. Attending meetings with producers and directors, improving the technology, solving tech bugs along with the rendering programmers, doing some FX job and of course creating state of the art visuals on PS3/Xbox360/PC.
Jan2010 – Sep2011 Lead Lighting Artist in Ubisoft Reflections on Driver San Francisco. Reshaping the rendering engine for the lighting team necessities, attending meetings, hiring new personnel, training artists, Supervisor for the CG cutscenes, scripting for lighting, working along with the Environment Team and also texturing when necessary.
2009 Lead Lighting/Compositing Artist in Passion Pictures. Working on commercials with XSI and Nuke and attending meetings with clients and directors.
May 2008 – Dec 2008 Senior Lighting/Compositing Artist in Ilion Animation Studios. Working on Planet51, an animated feature movie from the authors of Shrek for Sony Pictures. Managing a team of 4 artists, attending meetings with supervisors and directors, working in close contact with concept artists and reshaping materials for lighting necessities.
May2007-May2008 Senior Lighting/Environment Artist in Digi-Guys Ltd for Wardevil, AAA PS3 videogame featuring also a CG Movie. Working as a Environment Artists with artistical and technical tasks, in charge of all the baking pipeline/workflow which I wrote, scripting in LScript (drastically reduced the technical time for baking cameras setup with a automated camera tool i wrote), polygon reduction from hi-poly assets, testing the builds on PS3.
2005-now Writer for some of the most important International 3D/Videogames/Technology magazines including
2005-2006 Teacher of 3D and Compositing at the Arts and New Technologies Accademy.
From 2005 Newtek Europe Certified Trainer.
2005-2007 Even Studios CEO, Art Director, Game Designer awarded as Newtek Europe Certified Training Center and CGI Company. Working on Mobile Games, Commercials and Movies for the italian market, supervising all the aspects of production from first stage modeling to rigging, animation, texturing, rendering, compositing, editing. Art Directing the company by myself, we got the “best animation of the year” Italian prize for 3 years in a row. Keeping the morale of the troop up was everyday task, as well as providing them with any kind of in-office entertainment and unpredicted bonuses. My company was probably the only company in Italy using this kind of approach with the employees. I was forced to close the company in 2007 because I understood that staying in Italy would make us just survive and not grow up at all. The company counted 15 employees, 11 permanent and 4 on contract plus many external junior contributors from the schools i was teaching for.
2004 Teacher of 3D for University of Rome. Helping the Architecture department to train students in modelling, texturing and rendering.
2004 Nonsense Lead Artist for Xbox/PC adventure game. The game was never finished, was a fixed cameras adventure game with prerendered backgrounds imitating Resident Evil. Leading the entire artist department, hiring/training new employees and modeling, texturing, animating.
2004  Game Programming Italia Administrator.
2003 MadArt Lead 3D Artist. Working on a multimedial interactive experience in 3D to be plushed by Fabbri Editore, leading the whole art department and scripting in Lingo as well.
2002-2003 Animantis Visual-FX Artist, “stage”. I worked on FX, particles, explosions, physics simulation, fluids.
2000 Comiso Italian language Teacher for the summer school. Part of a humanitarian group to help refugees from the war in Kosovo, my main task was to play with them, teach them Italian in order to better communicate with the Italian army present there and overhall to let them forget for a moment the horrors they escaped. The second stronger emotional experiences of my life, only my humanitarian trip to Sarajevo during the war has been more hard.


English: written and spoken fluently.
Italian: written and spoken fluently.
Spanish: Medium Level.

Relevant Software skills

Newtek Lightwave3D: Pro User, Newtek Certified Trainer.
Maya: User.
3D Studio MAX: User.
Modo: User.
XSI: User.
Vue d’Esprit: User.
Bodypaint 3D: User.
Realflow : User.
Zbrush: User.
Combustion: Pro User.
Photoshop: Pro User.
Illustrator: User.
Premiere: Pro User.
After Effects: Pro User.
Liquid: User.
Digital Fusion: User.
Nuke: Pro User.
Mental Ray: User.
Vray: User.
PerForce: Pro User.

Other personal information

Sports: Snowboards, Windsurf, Skateboard, everything that can break my bones and make my mother cry...
Interests and Hobbies: Videogames, Cartoons, Comics, Movies, Playing Guitar/Bass, Collecting Guitars, Writing on my blog, Macro Photography.

Linkedin Reccomendations

“Carlo is quality, he is friendly, professional and has a very impressive portfolio, I am confident that Carlo has a very bright future ahead of him! I enjoy speaking with him and his knowledge of the industry is Excellent! Keep up the good work!” April 13, 2010
Eamonn Mgherbi (The ARL) , Director , Avatar Games Recruitment 
was with another company when working with Carlo Ivo Alimo at Ubisoft Entertainment Ltd
“Carlo was a dedicated artist while he worked at Digi-Guys, turning out a very high standard of work, under difficult circumstances, and works very well in a team.” July 18, 2009
Raymond Barr , Head of IT Support , Digi-Guys Ltd 
managed Carlo Ivo Alimo indirectly at Digi-Guys Ltd
“Carlo is a very talented lighting/texturing artist with a great attitude and very adept at problem solving.Along with all that he posseses a fantastic sense of humor,and he pours his soul into his art.I'd definitely recommend having him in anyone's team.” June 13, 2009
Alex Pavlovic , Lead 3d modeler , Digi-Guys 
managed Carlo Ivo Alimo at Digi-Guys Ltd
“I had a chance to work with Carlo at Gigi-Guys, there were several occasion where I worked directly with Carlo, And I can say without no hesitation, that Carlo is a high skillet professional with massive technical knowledge and artistic sensibility in multiple areas of production.” June 4, 2009
Samat Algozhin , Lead Character Animator , Digi-Guys 
worked with Carlo Ivo Alimo at Digi-Guys Ltd
“Carlo is a great and talented artist. He has a lot of enthusiasm and passion for this industry, which is reflected in the fine work he produces. Furthermore, Carlo is a cool guy around the office, who is always sure to make you laugh, whilst maintaining a professional approach to his work.” June 1, 2009
Hamza Butt , High Res 3D Modeller , Digi-Guys 
worked directly with Carlo Ivo Alimo at Digi-Guys Ltd
“With a sharp eye for details and great skills in handling heavy scenes, Carlo is a great asset for any 3D team. Carlo`s great lighting abilities were of great help when we had to switch to a different 3D package version and forced to match the visual look of the same scenes but in a very different render engine behavior with different lighting rigs. He was one of the colleagues I had the greatest pleasure to work with, his happy nature being a great help and a very pleasant addition to our team`s environment when the work needed to be done under pressure and tight deadlines. Thank you Carlo.” May 31, 2009
Radu Octavian Pop , 3D Artist , Digi-Guys 
worked directly with Carlo Ivo Alimo at Digi-Guys Ltd
“I was working along with Carlo something like 2 years.He is highly skilled professional, able to bring 3d environment to the screens with great speed and technique.He had a great part in developing demos,previews, and a game engine.He is also very communicative and funny guy, and ,makes pretty much good pasta, italian style....” May 31, 2009
Goran Josic , Concept artist , Digi-Guys ltd 
worked with Carlo Ivo Alimo at Digi-Guys Ltd
“Carlo is a Hard working proffesional and his knowledge of lighting and shading are very good. He is easy to work with and is always thinking of better ways to achieve certain results for the any project at hand. His personality uplifts people around him and in so doing raises moral in times of Extreme Deadlines. In all an all Carlo is a Joy to work with.” May 31, 2009
matthew esterhuizen , Visual Effects Supervisor , Digi-Guys 
worked with Carlo Ivo Alimo at Digi-Guys Ltd
“Funnily enough I actually worked in two companies along with Carlo though we were in different depts, but from seeing his work attitude (as in glued to the screen) and the final lit renders and I can well believe that hes got the 'right stuff' and duly deserves a recomendation. He really is an expert guy in 3d and has that rare ability to pick up new software and tools very quickly so would be a great asset to any team where quality of work and tight deadlines are the norm.” May 30, 2009
Scott McInnes , Matte painter , Ilion Animation Studios 
worked with Carlo Ivo Alimo at Digi-Guys Ltd
“Carlo is dedicated to his work a stickler for detail and a hard and reliable 3D and lighting artist, I would recommend Carlo for the 3D position He is a a great artist to work with” May 30, 2009
Everton Richards , 3d artist , digi guys 
worked directly with Carlo Ivo Alimo at Digi-Guys Ltd
“Carlo's standard of work was very high for the project with a great attention to detail, atmosphere and Lights/Shadows. He was given a number of key shots, very difficult shots, which have been very well received by the Director and other team members. I found Carlo very good team member, team worker and work with him brings to work alot of professional results and fun. I really looking forward to work with him sometime again! I have no hesitation in recommending him for future work and I'm happy to provide further information if required. Thanks! Lubos dE Gerardo Surzin.” May 30, 2009
Lubos de Gerardo Surzin , Senior Digital Artist Matte Painter , Digi-guys 
managed Carlo Ivo Alimo indirectly at Digi-Guys Ltd